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To be able to follow my blog posts with a proper order I think that a content list would be very useful. Here in this page you can find the blog posts with the right order.

Content List

Embedded Systems

Mastering in Embedded Systems require some sort of hardware knowledge. Similarly, we need patience and will power to be able to learn things which are matter of it and hard in their nature. Please read carefully and analyse the parts you don’t know and please fastly skip the parts you already know.

To be continued.
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  1. Emre

    Merhaba özen abi ben gömülü sistemler üzerine gitmek istiyorum ilk başta temel elektronik bilgisini arduino üzerinde yoğunlaşarak öğrenmem mümkün mü

  2. ali

    Hocam paylaşımlarınızı bekliyoruz..Özellikle gömülü C konusunda kapsamlı bir kitap çıkartabilirseniz çok faydalı olur..teşekkürler..

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